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WMP Hotkeys is a Windows Media Player plugin. It does not has any visible interface/window.

The following sections describe how to compile/install and use this plugin.

Released binaries for this plugin were built using Visual C++ 2010, so Visual C++ Runtime is required in order to use this plugin.
Visual C++ Runtime can be downloaded from the following locations
Visual C++ Runtime(x86)
Visual C++ Runtime(x64)

To compile this plugin, open the project file in Visual Studio 2010 and build the project from the 'Build' menu. It'll generation the plugin dll file.

Open an administrative command prompt and go to the location where you have (downloaded or build) the plugin dll.
Run 'regsvr32 WMPHotkeys.dll' from the command prompt. If everything is fine then you would get a message box saying "DllRegisterServer in WMPHotkeys.dll succeeded."
That is all, WMP Hotkeys plugin is successfully installed, you can start using it.

Open Windows Media Player, go to tools menu and choose 'options'. Select 'plug-ins' tab. Under plugins tab select 'Background' category. 'WMP Hotkeys' should be listed in background plugin list. Enable the plugin by clicking the check box before the plugin name.

The following key board shortcuts can be used in Windows Media Player, after installing & enabling this plugin.

SPACE BAR play/pause
SHIFT/CTLR + → forward
SHIFT/CTRL + ← reverse
SHIFT + ↑ volume up
SHIFT + ↓ volume down
s stop
n next title
b previous title

- If windows media player has focus on its play/pause control, pressing space bar will not work as expected.
This is because windows associate button press action with space key press. This will cause both windows media player as well as this plugin to play/pause the media at the same time, so there will be a race condition and final action might not be as expected.

- If windows media player playlist contains more than one file then CTRL + →/← will not work as expected.
This is because windows media player associate the same key combination for next/previous action. So if playlist contains more than one file then use SHIFT + →/←, instead of CTRL.

You are free to modify this plugin according to your need.
You suggestions/critique are more than welcome. If you would like to add some feature and work on this plugin feel free to contact me.

* Note
This plugin is tested with Windows Media Player 12(x86) on Windows 7(x64).

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